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Record producer & mixer | Montreal


A  collection of featured releases

"The process must start with a song that's truly great in it's most simple form... Played on a guitar, piano, or even a voice memo on your phone. Then it comes down to having the right personnel, process, and performance. And finally, a clear plan of action to ensure the song gets heard."

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Welcome! Whether your aim is to get signed or just make a great sounding record, I can help you focus and amplify your vision by being a dedicated contributor to the achievement of your goal. Specializing in the high quality capture and mixing of organic instruments and excellent performances, I place an emphasis on traditional recording methods and teaming up with the artist to create compelling tones at the source. After 20 years of vocal training and song writing, I've been known to help singers deliver compelling vocal performances and collaborate when refining an artist's material during the pre-production phase and beyond. I look forward to discovering your music and helping you unleash its potential! 

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Project Inquiries

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