Producer & Mixer


A sample collection of productions

"The qualifications of a successful sound mixer represent a unique and rare combination of skills. He must be adequately technically oriented, understand and evaluate the performance of the various electronic and acoustical devices with which he works.


He must have sufficient musical aptitude to interpret the wishes of the arranger/conductor. He must be creatively artistic, imaginative, have a flair for showmanship, be willing to try the impossible, and have the ambidexterity of an octopus.


He must have the unique talent of being able to communicate with the artists and directors at any artistic level and to perform his functions deftly under extreme pressure. Above all, he must have the patience of Job." - Bill Putnam



Welcome! Whether your aim is to get signed or just make a great sounding record, I can help you focus and amplify your vision by being a dedicated contributor to the achievement of your goal. Specializing in the high quality capture and mixing of organic instruments and excellent performances, I place an emphasis on traditional recording methods and teaming up with the artist to create compelling tones at the source. After 20 years of vocal training and song writing, I've been known to help singers deliver compelling vocal performances and collaborate when refining an artist's material during the pre-production phase and beyond. I look forward to discovering your music and helping you unleash its potential!